Asian Languages

Asian Languages

About 4.46 billion people speak about 2,300 languages in Asia. As the population of the region is huge, likewise is the different language spoken by the people.

Asian Languages

Asian Languages

About 4.46 billion people speak about 2,300 languages in Asia. As the population of the region is huge, likewise is the different language spoken by the people. The language spectrum in Asia is diverse and wide. The languages of Asia are amazingly diverse and myriad. The languages in Asia are influenced and characterized by physical geographical regions such as mountains, vast plains, islands, and jungles, which allows communities to isolate and develop. A majority of Asians speak the common languages associated with the continent such as, Chinese, English, Hindi, Russian, Cambodian, Korean Bengali, Indonesian and Japanese.

Language Families

There are three major language groupings. The People of continental Asia communicates in one of the languages which are present in one of three large language families.

The first language group- Altaic includes the Turkic, Mongolian, and Manchu-Tungus (Tungusic) subfamilies.

The second language group- Sino-Tibetan, consists the Chinese and Tibeto-Burman languages.

The third language group- Indo-European family includes the Indo-Aryan, Iranian, and Slavic languages, as well as Armenian.

Need For Translation of Asian Languages

Asia has become the hub of an economic boom in the World. For smaller companies, there is a need to sustain a sound action plan. Addressing new markets is a big challenge for these companies. Thus, as the saying goes, Fail to prepare or prepare to fail. Translation and Localization have become vital to business success. Localization helps to bridge language gaps and enabling a cross-border business to occur.

Considering the sheer size of the Asian continent and the vast number of countries within it, Translation and Localization of the Web Services have taken an added significance. The fact that there as many as 2300 Asian languages it just how highlights how much of a necessity translation is for brands.

From a business perspective, there are most important Asian language services in the region, which are Chinese, Japanese, Bangladeshi, Korean, Hindi and Malay. When you are looking for translating these languages, it’s essential that while these all language falls under the greater ‘Asian’ Umbrella, people must understand that each language, region, and culture are unique and vary differ from each other.

Also, sentence structuring in Asian languages is vastly different from those used in European languages. This makes translating and localizing Asian languages more complex and difficult to deliver. It’s critical that the linguists and service providers should draw from a culturally appropriate background to understand and localize the content. They should become intimately acquainted with the ins and outs of the languages they work with so that they bring more insight to their translation work, and the various businesses they are supporting. Localization is daunting and challenging tasks because it should be ensured that the right meaning and subtler meanings are conveyed rightly.

Asian Languages

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