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Cambodian language which is also known as Khmer is mostly spoken by the people of Khmer is the official language of Cambodia and is used in most social contexts including government administration, corporate world, education at all levels, and in the mass media. Cambodian is spoken by some 7 million people living there, roughly 90% of the population.

The Cambodian language is a derivative of the Mon-Khmer (Austro-Asiatic) language family. Khmer is well known for possessing one of the largest sets of alphabets; it consists of 33 consonants, 23 vowels and 12 independent vowels. Much of Khmer vocabulary is borrowed from Sanskrit, or Pali, Cambodian is also the earliest recorded and written language of the Mon–Khmer family. The Khmer language is influenced by, Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, Chinese and Cham,& French due to geographical proximity and long-term cultural contact.

Khmer is an analytical & isolating language as there are no inflections, conjugations or case endings. Particles and auxiliary words are used to indicate grammatical relationships. General word order follows subject–verb–object.

The Khmer language is written in "Khmer script". Khmer differs from neighbouring languages such as Lao, Thai, Burmese and Vietnamese in that it is not a tonal language.

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