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Translation is gaining importance and momentum in the current business scenario and we at CHL Localization will help you with all kinds of allied Twi projects. We will give you the words to communicate powerfully and convincingly. With our exceptional linguists and Twi to English and English to Twi translation services by your side, you can cross all language barriers and communicate effortlessly and clearly, in newer markets.

Twi Language

Twi is the most important language in Ghana. It is spoken by more than 6 million people. Other than Ghana, Twi is spoken in many other countries including Sudan. The Niger-Congo family of language has a subgroup called Kwa and Twi is a part of it. Twi is related to Fanti, the other major language that is found in Ghana.

Why Choose our Linguists at CHL Localizatopn?

Seamless communication across borders is possible with accurate translation, in a manner in which no relevance is lost. We specialize in bringing your operating costs down, efficiently increasing the speed of time to market and protecting the overall integrity of your brand. We offer you a multitude of services that include multilingual desktop publishing, audio-visual translations, interpretations, and copywriting, Twi to English localization and English to Twi localization services. These services are offered across different platforms and mediums.

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All our services get free quotes. So look into all the options that you need for Twi translation and get in touch with us. We will offer you the very best, each time.


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