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Sanskrit, the Mother Language – The Language Defining Our Sanskriti!

The Indian civilization that has grown for over 2000 years and have many folds and layers in it; one of the primary pillars of this civilization is Sanskrit. Sanskrit is not just any language; actually it is a mother of many languages in the world. Belonging to the Indo-Aryan family of languages, the mother language of all other Indian languages, this is the language of ancient India. There are many works of literature written in by various Indian saints and philosophers translated from or translated to Sanskrit.

Crystal Hues – A Moniker in Efficient Sanskrit Translation Services

Crystal Hues has over two decades of experience in the realm of translation services. George Borrow has rightly said that “translation” is best described as an echo! Here at Crystal Hues, our work echoes excellence, efficiency and effectiveness! Though Sanskrit is a prominent and important language it is not easy to translate into another language. It needs expertise and Crystal Hues provides you with the best quality services. We have many learned philosophers and translators who can translate from Sanskrit to English and English to Sanskrit with relative ease.

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