European Languages

European Languages

Europe has been divided into about fifty sovereign states politically. As of 2018, the total population of Europe is about 741 million which is about 11% of the world’s population.

European Languages

European Languages

Europe has been divided into about fifty sovereign states politically. As of 2018, the total population of Europe is about 741 million which is about 11% of the world’s population. There are 225 indigenous languages spoken in Europe. These indigenous languages are divided into three groups- Indo-European language groups; the Germanic languages, the Romance languages, and the Slavic languages.

The Slavic languages are spoken in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. The languages include Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Slovak, Polish, and Slovene. In Western and Southern Europe, as well as in Romania and Moldova in Eastern Europe, Romance languages are more prevalent.

It consists of Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, French, and Spanish. In the Western and Northern Europe and parts of Central Europe, Germanic languages are spoken. This group of languages includes Danish, English, Dutch, German, and Swedish. The Baltic languages consist of Latvian and Lithuanian; the Celtic languages, including Irish; and Greek. English is the language which is communicated predominantly in many regions.

The five languages that are the most important are: French, German, Italian, English and Russian. These languages have more than 50 million native speakers in Europe. Russian language has the largest number of speakers in Europe.

Need For Localization in Europe

Europe is a lucrative market for the investors and the big companies alike. More than 741 million people from different countries have the buying power. The European Union was formed in 1999 and had a unified currency. But the language is different and varied in distinct parts of the region and countries.

Most of the European Countries are developed such as Liechtenstein, Monaco, Luxembourg, Andorra, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. In 2018, Europe had a $23 trillion nominal GDP, which is the one-fourth of the world. Europe has been regarded as the second wealthiest and second-largest economy in the world, below the US by about $5 trillion. More than 500 companies which are the largest in the world have opened their offices here. This makes Europe an attractive market to conduct their business.

With that logic, anyone who wants to enter the European market should consider localization and translation as an important aspect of their market. If you want to expand the market, businesses need to not just localize the website but also their products and services.

If you localize your products, then it means that there are more customers who can discover you and likely to choose your products over your competitor. As we understand the European Multilingualism, we know that this task is challenging. As the languages are more specified and targeted, it has become extremely strenuous to translate the language.

Also, Europe is a tourism hub. Millions of Tourists visit these countries. Thus, it makes the need for translation of localization of services important. We are a reputed agency specialize in customizing contents and codes to suit specific targets.

About Us

CHL localization is a brand that can be trusted with Localization, Translation, and digital advertising. We have the right experience and expertise in this industry. We recognize that Localization is not about just interpreting and translating what the other person is saying, it goes much beyond that. To localize, we have to go beyond the local dialects and translation and on the contrary, have to connect with that particular place and country.

We are a team of professional, skilled and expert language translators. We have knowledge of the above languages. We have a strong team of a highly qualified team of professional and expert language translators who have a good grasp of the right mannerism and knowledge about the culture in the target area.

We are an integrated localization company that delivers various services at one place. We have organized tools and necessary technology that can perform both linguistic and functional quality assurance to ensure the localization is correct.

We have the expertise and technology to handle any type or size of a localization project, from websites to software, to technical documentation, training, and eLearning, multimedia and marketing materials. We ensure you that reach the customers and help you expand to various parts of Europe.

We are a full-service language services provider (LSP) that has all the resources necessary to produce high-quality localization. We deliver the projects on time and stay on the budget. We ensure that our executives inform you about your projects regularly, thereby reducing your need to be involved in the day-to-day execution of the project.

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