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CHL localization provides high-quality Thai Translation services in quick turnaround time. Our native Thai translators deliver the most accurate and error-free documents that will leave you truly satisfied. Our Thai translators have knowledge of various industry verticals and thus can assist you in any subject matter. CHL localization is the trusted brand in the Thai translation, come, let's work together.

Our Key Thai Translation Services

Our expert native Thai translators will collaborate on your ideas, design, and formatting to appeal to your potential clients globally for various services:

  • Thai Translation of Documents
  • Transcription to and from Thai
  • Interpretation to and from Thai
  • Thai Marketing Collaterals Translation
  • Thai Desktop Publishing projects
  • Thai Content and Copywriting
  • Thai Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • Thai Editing and Proofreading
  • Thai Customer Service Solutions
  • Thai Localization of Software and Documentation

Your One-Stop Thai Translation Agency

CHL Localization is the best professional Thai translation services that have taken a new role in all the potential markets. We understand that language plays an important role in all types of communication-including marketing collateral, digital media, forms and process documents, online and offline documents, software and educational materials to facilitate globalization and localization.

CHL Localization is your Thai language growth partner that work along with you to create a niche for your brand in the specific market and any country's economy. We have professional native Thai translators that provide accurate translation and localization services with quick turnaround times in 200+ languages.

Our Thai translation services will convert any type of media within the budget. Over the 30years of experience, we have worked with small and big corporations by delivering translation services for materials such as:

  • Legal Documents and Transcripts
  • Contracts
  • Annual Reports
  • Medical Records
  • Websites
  • Product Labels
  • Educational and Instructional Materials
  • Technical Manuals
  • Food Labels
Our translation agency offers 100% accuracy guarantee for our professional Thai translation services. Our translated documents are on par with all international standards. Our translation agency is known for high-quality work. We work with all our clients until they are fully satisfied. Our native Thai translators deliver topmost quality and accurate finished product.
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Why Thai Translations Holds Importance For You?

The national language and de facto language of Thailand is Thai. Thai has been the first language of the Central Thai people and many Thai Chinese. The Thai language is a member of the Tai group of the Kra–Dai language family.

Mostly Thai language has the vocabulary derived from Sanskrit, Mon, Pali, and Old Khmer. The tonal and analytic style of Thai language is similar to Chinese and Vietnamese.

However, the Thai language has a complex orthography and system of relational markers. The Thai language depends on various sociolinguistic factors such as gender, class, spatial proximity, age, and the urban/rural divide. It is also mutually intelligible with Isan, Lao and fellow Southwestern Tai languages.

Thai is written in the Thai script, which is an abugida from and is written from left to right. Thai script closely resembles with Lao language and script, and thus most literate Lao are able to read and write Thai.

About 40 million people speak the Thai language. The Thai economy is a fast-growing economy in the world as it is a newly industrialized country, with a GDP of US$ 600 billion.

For a successful business, if you want to invest in the IT sector, agriculture value chain, or small and medium enterprise sectors, tourism, infrastructure, oil and gas, financial services, medical and legal and sectors, you should focus on the majority Thai speaking population and hence, translate localize all your business documents in the Thai language.

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