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CHL Localization has gained a strong reputation for being the most reliable and trusted name in the translation industry. With experts who specialize in over 200+ languages, we offer premium results in Slovak to English translation and English to Slovak translation services. The pool of experts has years of experience which clearly reflects through their delivered work.

Slovak Language

The official language of Slovakia is Slovak. Closely related to Czech, Polish and Serbian, the Slavonic language is spoken by over 7 million people in Slovakia along with many other countries. They include people in Canada, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, and the USA.

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We at CHL Localization, help you to communicate more efficiently with your customers and spread the reach of your brand to more people. Every project is attended to and supervised by the project manager who pays close attention to each and every detail minutely, presenting just the best work you can ask for. We give numerous services like copywriting, interpretation, bi-lingual placements, and website localization along with Slovak to English translation and English to Slovak translation services. We adhere to timelines strictly and offer competitive prices.

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All estimates for any services you require are provided free of cost. Make sure you take advantage of that to find out the approximate costs for Slovak translations. We will be more than happy to provide our services to you.


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