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Voice over services find their extensive usage in converting any audio narration or dialogue of a particular language to other languages.

CHL Localization - Delivering Unparalleled Voice Over Services In India

Voice over services find their extensive usage in converting any audio narration or dialogue of a particular language to other languages. Its widespread applicability includes documentaries, advertisements, movies, films, online training modules, and corporate presentations. At CHL Localization, we have well-trained artists for voice over available to lend you specialized audio recordings depending on your requirements.

In-house Studio

An ideal voice over is not only capable of reaching numerous people, but also connects to masses at large. We aim at rendering you the voices that adds value to your video asset. As a reputed voice over company, we have our own professional in-house studio for voice over. Equipped with advanced acoustics and audio instruments, our studio offers ideal platform for native voice artists to produce premium quality of audio recordings for you.

Multi-dimensional Voice Over Services

We, at CHL Localization adopt multi-dimensional approach to deliver our services. Our extensive mixed bag of services includes commercial, multimedia, corporate, telephonic and narrative voice over services in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, and Mumbai. Our experts are capable of delivering voice-overs for following media files like:

Additionally, we also offer our voice over services India in a variety of European and Asian languages including Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Thai, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.

Multilingual Voice Over Services

CHL Localization, the expert voice over company in India, is continuously adding the best-in-class voice over professionals from all across the world to deliver perfect solutions as per your pre-requisites. Our unrivaled team of professional voiveover artists classifies its tasks based on the age group, gender, language, tone, accent and voice style. This further allows us to fulfill all your requirements with a gamut of services under different categories. Don't miss out to take the advantage of unmatched expertise and years of successful experience to reach out the world with ease.

Remember the first time when you saw an international movie and how you were trying to read the subtitles at the bottom of the screen? Well, the history of subtitles is quite an old one. From documentaries, to movies to advertisements, the usage of subtitles is all prevalent. Over the last few years, subtitling is increasingly used in new areas like subtitle of e-learning content, corporate videos, etc. CHL Localization is an expert and among the sought after subtitle professionals who are adept at delivering any subtitle requirement you have.

The subtitling experts at CHL Localization use the best and most advanced tools. With the help of efficient tools and practices, we guarantee you the best quality results both visually and technically. We at CHL Localization know how important time is for you and that at times your requirement may be urgent. Keeping this in mind, we make sure that most of our projects get delivered at the earliest possible instance. We have native talented individual in all languages, so as to assist you from a native’s perspective and maintain accuracy. Whatever style or type of subtitling you want, we are there to meet all your requirements.

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