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Pashto – The Language of Pathans!

Pashto is the language from the lands of Pathans. Pashto is one of the prime dialects voiced in Afghanistan. The spread of this language is wide as the majority of Afghani population, almost 2/3rd of the total population, speaks it. Putting it in numeric, it would be somewhere around a whooping 17 million people speaking it. This makes Pashto a very prominent and prime language of the area. It has spread into other countries too surrounding Afghanistan like Pakistan. The language has an ancient root, as it is descendent from Indo-Iranian language family tree and somewhat and hybrid of Urdu.

Translating Pashto and Reaching Out to Numerous Hearts

Ludwig Wittgenstein once stated that limits of his language would limit his world. The thought stands so correct in today’s era of globalization. Reaching more and more people, understanding them and making them understand you - is what literature and writing is all about. So translating written pieces to reach those beyond the grasp of the knowledge of your language is necessary.

Crystal Hues – A Time-Tested and Time-Trusted Name in Pashto Translation!

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