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Romanian to English and English to Romanian Translation Services

Crystal Hues Limited (CHL) comes with an army of experts who can translate over 70 languages, including Romanian. There are some markets that cannot be penetrated until communications are in the language they are comfortable with. At CHL, we give this advantage by providing Romanian to English translation and English to Romanian translation services, in very quick time while maintaining high quality.

Romanian Language

24 million people speak Romanian as a native tongue and over 4 million speak it as a second language. The official language of Romania and Moldova, it also has official status in Vojvodina, Mount Athos and Transnistria. Romanian is also spoken by people in Italy, Spain, Australia, Ukraine, Canada, Bulgaria, Israel, the United States, Portugal and Russia amongst others.

Why Crystal Hues Ltd?

For all the translational and related purposes, we at Crystal Hues use a technology platform that provides a seamless interface for our customers. It leverages translation memory databases, ensuring time and cost savings. The nature and scope of the work does not hamper the accuracy and quality levels that we provide. We offer services such as interpretation, typesetting, proofreading and Romanian to English localization and English to Romanian localization services.

Way Forward...

Each service is charged differently but you can get free quotes before awarding work. If possible, a good combination deal can also be offered based on the work given. So, get in touch today!