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Do you wish to outperform your competitors on a global platform? Prepare by taking your business to the global stage with help of localization services from CHL Localization.

Consult CHL localization for region specific localization services in 200+ languages

Do you wish to outperform your competitors on a global platform? Prepare by taking your business to the global stage with help of localization services from CHL Localization. The process of localization involves customizing (translating and adapting) your documents for different countries or regions according to their culture and languages.

We offer customized services for all you localization needs. Our experienced team of experts work with native professional translators and localization engineers to deliver the best quality solutions for you.

As a reputed translation and localization company in India, CHL Localization enables businesses by delivering culturally connected and locally relevant communication across the world. With our services businesses achieve enhanced customer experience through localized content.

Customized localization solutions – for all domains

Irrespective of the industry to which you belong, we at CHL Localization offer the most comprehensive localization services in India to meet your specific needs. Our existing clients belong diverse domains including the following industries:

Comprehensive localization services

We encompass the most comprehensive blend of localization services in India that include:

Website localization

It incorporates translation and localization of website content including graphics, texts, dialog boxes, error messages, and display menus.

Subtitle localization

Subtitle localization services find extensive usage in movies and other multi-media presentations.

Document localization

Our document localization services involves elimination of offensive symbols, texts, colors, political leanings, etc. to ensure culturally compatible content delivery for target audience.

Software localization

As an expert localization company, we bring to you effective customization as well as translation of your software applications and programs.

Localization Testing Services

Precision and accuracy are two things that make any localization service effective. Without these two, you wouldn’t make the same impact. With CHL Localization’s testing services you can target a variety of markets all over the world and provide your customers with the best localization experience that they would ever have.

The localization testing experts at CHL Localization have many years of experience behind them and possess the best in industry knowledge and skills. Our group of highly qualified professionals have the expertise of handling end-to-end localization testing and work round the clock to deliver you a result that leaves you amazed. We follow the mantra of localization going hand-in-hand with Internationalization. We have been providing our customers with localization testing services for both websites and mobile apps. In the process of localization, having a sound knowledge of multiple languages is a must.

To comply with that, we have a group of language experts who are adept at a variety of languages and understand lingual and cultural nuances. Whatever requirements you may have, our professional testing engineers and localization experts will provide you with the best solutions that will more than meet your requirements.

With CHL Localization’s testing services, we can ensure you a great ROI irrespective of your requirements.

If you endeavor to expand your reach in the global market, we are all set to help you in the best possible way, especially when the culture and language of the region that you target is different. Whether it is scientific domain, commercial domain or legal domain, our expert translators ensure highest quality of output. For any further query, feel free to contact us at CHL Localization.

When you opt for localization services, you search for a group of professionals who will provide you with deep insights into the language, culture and tradition that you are targeting. To produce great results and connect with your customers in an effective way, it is important that you rationalize your approach. The basic requirement of localization includes translating and localizing the document that you have according to the culture of the country and region that you are targeting.

To ensure the above points, you will require the help of skilled professionals who possess expertise in the subject. We at CHL localization possess the skills and technologies that are needed in the process of translation and localization. Our professional translators and localization experts have knowledge of the latest practices followed across the world. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the languages, colours, phrases, etc. that are used in different geographies. We will take care of every little basic element that will improve your brand and business.

By placing your trust in translation and localization professionals at CHL Localization, we assure you that you will enjoy numerous benefits of experience, knowhow and skills that we will put into delivering your translation and localization project.

CHL Localization with best of translation services in India, having offices in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Noida, you can take advantage of our end-to-end localization and translation services to take your business to the global platform.

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