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Japanese Translation services

CHL Localization is an India-based Japanese language service provider group specializing in offering high-quality translation, interpretation, localization, transcription, and transcreation services in all major languages.

Our Japanese translation services provide translation services ranging from individuals and small companies to big corporate houses and government agencies. The primary aim of CHL Localization is to provide the highest-quality, cost-effective language services to its customers. We ensure that our clients receive fast, accurate, and quality translated documents.

Our quality translation services, customer-focused attitude, and project governance methods empower us to serve customers' differing needs. By integrating the latest technology tools and best language translators in our organization, we have been able to hold to the trust of our customers and present them with Japanese translations that are at par with the global standards.

Our Core Japanese Translation services

If you are looking to gain a foothold in Japan, CHL localization is the perfect language solutions provider. Our Japanese translators are very much aware of Japanese cultural and historical traditions in order to convey both the meaning and context of the language. With a network of experienced, sector-specific Japanese translators ready to accept your brief, our translation services include:

  • Japanese Translation of Documents
  • Transcription to and from Japanese
  • Interpretation to and from Japanese
  • Japanese Marketing Collateral Translation
  • Japanese Desktop Publishing projects
  • Japanese Content and Copywriting
  • Japanese Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • Japanese Editing and Proofreading
  • Japanese Customer Service Solutions
  • Japanese Localization of Software and Documentation

High-Quality Translation at a Speed!

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The Best Japanese Translation Services

At CHL Localization, we will always have the perfect certified and native Japanese translator and language expert to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for something economical, quick, or highly accurate Japanese translation services, we've got you covered.
Our average Japanese translator experience is over 10+ years, and they regularly undergo a quality test. All our translators are certified in Japanese and possess proven track records of professional and precise translations.

We accordingly assign specialized subject matter translators to your project depending on your industry verticals based on your translation and your budget. Our translation agency will consult with you thoroughly depending on your requirements and will always best deliver you quality translations within your budget.

Why Japanese Translation Services Holds Importance for You?

Japanese is the de facto language spoken by the people of Japan. Approximately 128 million, primarily in Japan, speak the language. The Japanese language is a member of the Japonic (or Japanese-Ryukyuan) language family. Japonic languages have been classified with other language families, such as Austroasiatic and Ainu.

Although the Japanese language is spoken almost exclusively in Japan, it also is spoken outside the country. Due to the annexation of Taiwan and Korea by the Japanese during World War II, the local people in China, the Philippines, and various Pacific islands learned the Japanese language of the empire. As a result, many elderly people in these countries speak the Japanese language.

Japanese emigrant communities in Brazil, the United States, speak the Japanese language. Japanese emigrants can also be found in Argentina, Peru, Australia (especially in the eastern states), Canada, and the Philippines.

Japan has become a highly developed, free-market economy. The economy has become the world-third largest nominal GDP country and the fourth-largest country by purchasing power parity.

As Japan is home to many multinational companies, and also the widespread interest of companies across the world in the Japanese economy, the demand for Japanese language experts has increased many times in the past few years.

If you want to invest in the infrastructure, small and medium enterprise sectors, IT sector, agriculture value chain, handicrafts, fisheries, tourism, you should target the Japanese speaking population and hence, localize all your business documents in the Japanese language. To grow and expand your business among the Japanese speaking population, companies are in constant need of translators and interpreters to continue their work effectively.

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