Eastern European Languages

Eastern European Languages

The eastern part of the European continent is called the Eastern Europe. It cannot be easily segregated. The languages of Eastern Europe component of the Indo-European language family.

Eastern European Languages

Eastern European Languages

The eastern part of the European continent is called the Eastern Europe. It cannot be easily segregated. The languages of Eastern Europe component of the Indo-European language family. They are further sub-classified as Balto-Slavic languages.

Let us look at the category of different languages.

Slavic Languages

Slavic Languages group is the largest group in the region. It is communicated by the majority of people. This group consists of languages such as Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech and Slovak, Polish, Macedonian, and the Serbo-Croatian languages. These languages use the Cyrillic alphabet, which is a complex written language.

Baltic Languages

The Baltic languages are a part of the Indo-European languages. They are distinct from the Slavic languages. The Baltic language group includes, Lithuanian and Latvian. Though these two languages share some similarities, but they are not mutually intelligible. Lithuanian and Latvian both have adopted the Latin alphabet with diacritics.

Finno-Ugric Languages

Finno-Ugric branch of the language consists of the Estonia (Estonian) and Hungary (Hungarian) languages. These two languages are completely distinct from each other. Estonian is related to the Finnish language. And Hungarian closely relates to the languages of western Siberia.

Romance Languages

Romanian and its close cousin, Moldovan, are romance languages that use the Latin alphabet. Romance languages include languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian.

Language we Offer services for Translation and Localization

Need for Localization

Old Europe is changing and it’s changing more rapidly. Many companies coming here to do the business are in need dire of the localization and translation services to reach the customers and influence them to their products through these languages. As the market is becoming more competitive, there are more companies out there that are gearing toward more aggressive sales and marketing. Sales have become an essential point to generate revenues and bring more customers through localization.

With the advent of globalization, the world has come closer. There are many low-cost airlines that are now operating in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe has become the hotbed for the market because is now just 1-2 hours away from a vast number of very attractive markets. Due to the compactness of Europe, it has made the client acquisition process much more competent. Over the past 30 years, Eastern Europe has witnessed one of the most dramatic economic spurts of growth that any region of the world has ever experienced. The Slovak and Polish economies have grown more than sevenfold. Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and the Czech Republic economies have grown more than fivefold. To tap this growing market, localization has become the need of the hour.

The customers cannot be taken for granted anymore and they require more personalized services. The market has become more educated and it has realized, why localization matters and not just selling to the converted. Localization agencies recognize and comprehend the problem that any new company might face when entering the Eastern European market.

When you localize your content, this will enable your organization to expand its reach to a new audience or customers, build credibility, and increase sales. It will also support you in building loyalty among existing customers.

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Eastern European Languages

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