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Singhalese – The Language of an Ancient Kingdom

Singhalese is a language of the ancient island country of Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka. The language is wide spread as the speakers of this language can be found any where in world. Around 16 million people speak this dialect worldwide. Along with Sri Lanka, this language is also prominent in other countries like India, Singapore, Indonesia, UK and USA. Sri Lanka has always had Indian influence and that can be seen in the language too.

Translation Breaks the Bulwarks!

Efficient translation only holds the key to proper and effective communication. Peter Newmark wrote in his book titled, “A Textbook of Translation” that an adequate translation is never possible; and a good translator would never be satisfied with his job; he will always find ways to improve it further. We are a team of translators who find improvement as a never-ending proposition.

Crystal Hues – A Team of Translation Wizzes!

We, at Crystal Hues, make it our prime effort to keep the work intact and translate it in a way that it does not hampers the intent and thought states by the writer so that the essence of the work is not lost. Many have said that translation takes away the soul of the literature; but we keep the essence intact of the work we do. Because we know it’s not the words that count but the feeling that those words express.