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Nepali - Beautiful Language of a Beautiful Country!

Nepal is a small princely state in the Himalayan region, but it adores great beauty. Their language is one of the sweetest and most mesmerizing languages one will ever hear. Nepali is prime language of Nepal spoken by most of its population but not restricted to that. The language is spoken by over 20 million people residing in Bhutan and northeast Indian states like West Bengal and Sikkim. Nepali language is even recognized as a major language in India.

Translation - A Bridge That Joins!

Understanding from the words of Nelson Mandela, we can say that - If we talk to any person in a language that he can understand, then that thought goes to his head; but if we talk to him in his own native language, then that thought that we want to communicate to him goes straight to his heart! So that’s the beauty of the job of translation, it not just breaks the language barriers, but bridges them and builds relationships too.

Crystal Hues – Pioneer in Nepali Translation

Translation is a job with an infinite learning experience for every translator. The one who starts thinking that he is perfect is destined to doom. We, at Crystal Hues, work on this principle and always leave room for improvement and think that learning and becoming better is a never-ending job! We worship our work and we work hard to make our work better and better at every step as per customer satisfaction.

Our Expertise Lies Both In -

  • Nepali to English Translation
  • English to Nepali Translation