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If you are looking for Mongolian translation services that speak of high global standards, then Crystal Hues Limited is the right choice for you. Boasting of highly developed and exclusive translation tools of our own, we strive to deliver the best professional Mongolian to English and English to Mongolian translation services, which are feasible in terms of security and skilfulness alike. Prior to offering our services, we derive detailed information regarding the subject matter, intention and projected target audience to facilitate flawless transition processes.

Mongolian Language

Mongolian is the national language of Mongolia. There are more than 5 million speakers of the Mongolian language. It is spoken in more than 5 countries including China, Afghanistan and Russia. There are many closely related varieties of Mongolian: Khalkha or Halha, Oirat, Chahar and Ordos. These languages are spoken mainly in the inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China. Though traditional Mongolians used Sogdian alphabets, the set of Cyrillic alphabets are now being used for writing Mongolian

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