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Portuguese Translation & Localization Center of Excellence

To ensure reliability, consistency and scalability in Portuguese translation and Portuguese localization services, CHL Localization has set up Portuguese Center of Excellence based out of Lisbon, Portugal. This CoE ensures native professional resources that are critical to delivery of Portuguese translation and localization projects.

With quality assurance as the main objective, the CoE leverages latest technologies, tools, techniques and methodologies to deliver near-zero error translation, localization, voice-over or subtitling projects in Portuguese languages.

The Portuguese Center of Excellence is led by António Chagas, a native professional translator and IT professional, with a strong commitment to quality. The Portuguese CoE is a robust framework that enables adherence to strong quality processes that govern professional Portuguese translators, graphic engineers, IT professionals, domain experts and project managers.

The CoE provides:

  • Portuguese translation of technical, medical, legal domains
  • Portuguese DTP in InDesign, Illustrator, FrameMaker, Word
  • Portuguese localization of websites, apps, videos
  • Portuguese voice over services
  • Portuguese subtitling services
  • Portuguese transcription services
  • Portuguese e-learning content translation and localization

This CoE helps you:

  • Minimize costs by ensuring near-zero quality issues and reworks
  • Maximize ROI through standardization, reuse of existing translations
  • Minimize delivery time through integrated in-house facilities
  • Deliver high-tech solutions gained over 3 decades of professional experience
  • Deliver high customer satisfaction and customer engagement

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