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Machine Translation Post-Editing, often known as MTPE, is the process of having human reviewers edit the translations that were generated by machines.

What Is MTPE?

Machine Translation Post-Editing, often known as MTPE, is the process of having human reviewers edit the translations that were generated by machines.

The process is performed to maintain the accuracy of translations of highly specialized documents, which can't be adequately handled by machine translation on their own.

In brief, MTPE denotes a collaborative technique in which the software handles the initial translation steps, and then a skilled human translator adds the last touches to get a polished product.

The procedure itself adheres to a simple routine, which is as follows:

Our MTPE services in India deliver a result which is a balance between the speed of machine translation and the precision and nuance given by human translators.


One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to translate a wide variety of language pairs is through the use of machine translation.

Most tools are capable of producing findings automatically in a matter of minutes or even seconds. In addition to this, it is extremely consistent, meaning that it always produces the same results regardless of the context of the content being processed.

Since the consistency is reliable, machine translation is a good alternative for phrases that appear on your website on a regular basis or for content that does not require a certain writing style, such as technical manuals.

It also proves useful for secondary translation activities, such as re-translation (in which minor modifications are made to one or two words rather than translating full paragraphs) or pre-translation (in which knowledge is gained about how text expansion may affect user experience).

Post-editing performed with a machine translation tool complements these benefits by including quality assurance in the form of human review.

MTPE Services By CHL Localization

Our MTPE services in India offer its clients three primary types of services that fall under the umbrella term "Machine Translation Post Editing" (MTPE):

Light Post-Editing

It is a type of MTPE that requires the post-editor to have only a minimal amount of engagement in the editing process. It comprises performing a fundamental evaluation of the text that has been translated in order to detect key issues and ensure that it is comprehensible. This kind of translation is often appropriate when the customer needs a quick translation, has a document with short deadlines, or needs to utilize the translated content just internally.

Full Post-Editing

It is also a form of MTPE, entails a higher level of intervention, and requires more work. In order to ensure that the final product is of good quality, it occurs after the process of machine translation. The goal of this translation service is to produce a text of excellent quality that is acceptable for both internal assimilation and external distribution, meeting the needs of both inbound and outbound communication.

Customized Post-Editing

Depending on the volume of pages that need to be edited, the scope of revisions, the prioritization of particular sections, and any other elements that are relevant to the project in question, certain projects may call for a custom post-editing strategy. In situations like this, the requirements and strategy are adapted to meet the specific demands of the project. This makes it possible to prioritize certain portions of the project based on criteria such as the importance they have from a strategic standpoint, the amount of time and money they have available, and the quality standards that must be met.

Benefits Of MTPE Services By CHL Localization-

Increased time efficiency

It has the potential to significantly cut down on lead times and delivery schedules.

Cost reductions

Translation expenses are lowered concurrently as it removes human translations

Excellent quality

It reliably achieves a natural language output that is comparable to that of human translations, reaching a level of quality that is frequently referred to as "human parity."

Quicker time to market

It paves the way for more efficient distribution of information products available in several languages.

Quantitative benefits

It has the ability to translate bigger amounts of text into foreign languages in a shorter amount of time while preserving the same high degree of quality throughout the process.

Why Choose CHL Localization For MTPE Services?

Wide Range of Languages

CHL Localization is an expert in providing skilled localization services for 300 different languages. Our post-editors are native language experts who carefully check machine-generated translations to ensure that the quality of the end product is on par with that of human translation. This ensures that you will obtain a highly accurate result.

Extensive Expertise

With more than three decades of experience, we take great satisfaction in delivering top-tier MTPE translation services in India to our clients by working closely with them to accomplish their goals. This allows us to say that we have "extensive expertise" in this field.

A Network of Competent Specialists

Our team is made up of educated, seasoned translators capable of producing results of the highest caliber. Because of their extensive industry expertise and comprehensive sector-wise understanding, we are a reliable option for all of your MTPE requirements.

Quick Turnaround

We provide our clients with rapid and accurate MTPE translations since our professionals are knowledgeable in the newest tools, platforms, and project management software.

Uncompromising Quality

At CHL Localization, we have created a translation process in which unrefined translations produced by machines are edited by qualified human translators. This step improves the writing style, corrects any spelling or grammatical faults that were present, and ensures that the target messages correspond with the terminology that has been developed.

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CHL Localization offers exceptional MTPE services in India by combining the speed of computer translation with the knowledge of human translators. Join forces with us to produce stronger translations by utilizing the strengths of both worlds.

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