All You Need to Know About Machine Translation and Post Editing

Communicating effectively with the global audience necessitated businesses to hire translation services. And with the ever-increasing possibilities with the internet, businesses are churning large volumes of content to attract customers. This has made translation services to become an essential part of a business.

As the demand for translation is rising, so is the process of translation using machines. The advancements in technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have brought forth Machine Translation (MT) software. Some companies now boast of advanced machine translation software that makes translates large volumes of information quickly.

Businesses that require quick turnaround times are moving towards machine translation. But are they receiving translation as expected?

Problems With Machine Translation

With the recent technological advancements, MT engines can translate millions of words and produce a decent translation within hours. They can do it in numerous languages. Yet, they are a long way from delivering a translation that is more polished and human-like. MT translations still lack the human element that a professional human translator provides.

Human translators understand the nuances, the humor in the text, the tone, etc., which MTs are yet to pick. For public-facing content, using MT translations will thus be problematic. They appear robotic and off-putting.

The Solution

The speed with which Machine Translation delivers results is of great value for businesses. But, it cannot be at the expense of quality. The solution to the problem is Machine Translation with Post Editing.

Machine Translation with post-editing is a hybrid approach. While MT is involved in quick translation, human translators are involved in editing the translated text.

While MT makes quick work of bulk translations, human translators make the text accurate, check for clarity, flow, tone, etc. Also, human translators adapt the text to the target local’s cultural context.

The combination of MT with Post-edit thus delivers high-quality translations.

Some Areas Where MT with Post Edit is Important

  • When the text is highly technical
  • When the text has culturally sensitive content
  • When the text has a specific tone
  • When the text has humor in it

Pros of MT with Post Editing

  • It is more accurate than Machine translation alone
  • There will be improved clarity and flow
  • The use of slang, dialect, cultural context will be more accurate
  • It is 30 times faster than human translation alone

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