Humans Vs. Machines: Who Will Win the Translation Battle?

Humans Vs. Machines

In recent days, there has been lots of conversation regarding whether machine translation will make human translation obsolete. Compelling arguments have been placed as to how machine translations can never outdo human translation because machine translations capabilities are nowhere near that level of ability.

There are more than thousands of languages spoken in the World. Each language has its dialects, cultural influences, grammatical rules, alphabets, and many other small nuances that complete a language. A translating machine will have to cope with various variables and also quantifying them into usable data for machine translation algorithms which makes it an impossible feat to achieve.

Translation services company in Hyderabad understand the challenges by the machine translation, and thus, they have the best team of native translators to deliver quality content.

Human Translation vs Machine Translation

  • Tone of MessageThere is a difference between human translations and machine translations in conveying style and sound. When a human translation is rendered, it takes into consideration the word choice and cultural understanding. Whereas the machine translation trails behind the human knowledge of context and their ability to express ideas in a specific manner. Translation Services Company in Hyderabad understands that the background is relevant to the translations and takes this into cognizance while translating.
  • Translating words with multiple meanings When a language is communicated, there are many meanings behind a single word. There are many definitions of a singular word. Human translators infer the meaning behind each word, whereas; the computers struggle to do the same. Human translators understand which word is being spoken in what context, but machine translators are more likely to make mistakes.
  • Literal translations vs figurative translations While translating words, phrases are used. If you don’t pay attention, you are most likely to use the literal meaning of the concepts rather than using the appropriate meaning of the word. Machine translation performs a literal conversion of phrases that result in a mistranslation. This dilutes the quality of the content, and this error may cost you your business.
  • Speed of deliveryMachine Translations are promoted based on delivering fast content. It is said that human translation takes time. This is a vastly exaggerated statement. Translation services company in Hyderabad has significantly reduced the turnaround time from an order being placed to a translation been delivered. They have not only lessened the margin of error in a document but also their precise and accurate content saves the client’s time on corrections.
  • Cost of translation There is a belief that machine translations are much cheaper than human translations. But you will be surprised by the fact of how much less expensive is the Translation services company in Hyderabad. They not only help you cut overhead and upfront costs but facilitates professional translators to charge a lot less for the same excellent quality product.


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