Translation, Transcreation, and Transliteration: What's the Difference?

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Translation has become a significant instrument for business and communication. Hence, there is an ever increase in demand for translation company and its applications. This urgent requirement of translation has contributed to the emergence of translation companies in India.

Translation, Transcreation, and Transliteration

Though these three terms sound non-distinguishable, it is easy to get confused. Many people use these terms interchangeably. But Translation, Transcreation, and Transliteration refer to three different processes.

In this blog, our translation agency in India aims to dispel the confusion surrounding these three terms. When you have clarity on these terms, you will know which services are good for your needs!


The translation is a process where the translator changes the first language to the target language to convey the authentic text's meaning. The prime goal of the translation is to keep the original meaning and the essence of the text.

Many people assume that the translator works on a certain text, translating the document word for word. However, that's not the case. The translator has to adapt the primary text and translate the document to convey its original meaning, keeping in mind the context of the text. The translation company translates the document mindful of the grammatical and punctuation norms of the target language and the culture aimed at. Translators must demonstrate native-like proficiency, fluency, and required certification and qualification in the language and field they are working in.


Transcreation is the translation process where the tone, style, and intention of the original text are maintained throughout the target text. The Translation Agency in India is careful that the names of the brands and products, the slogan of the company, and imagery are changed or modified to keep it in sync with the new market or the audience it is targeting.

How is Translation Different from Transcreation?

You can easily confuse between transcreation and translation. To put it simply, the transcreation process offers more freedom of expression compared to translation. Translation primarily focuses on communicating the meaning of the text, primarily relying on using the right words. Whereas transcreator from a Translation Company not merely have to focus on the meaning of the text but also have to keep in mind the style, tone, intent as well as visual aspect of the original document.


Transliteration is the process where a word or a phrase is converted from one writing system into another. Transliteration differs from translation and transcreation because it does not involve switching between languages but rather switching between different writing systems.

How is Transliteration Different from Translation?

In simple terms, transliteration does not translate the word but rather helps you comprehend how it is pronounced. Thus, transliteration places a major focus on the pronunciation of words instead of meaning. This process is extremely effective in situations when it comes to referring to different cultures.


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